Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First Book blog

I have a few books waiting for me after I am done Nora Roberts Face The Fire. I belong to Goodreads and get a lot of free books through their giveaways. I review the books I read on GoodReads as well. I figured I have been reading a lot and why not start a blog spot for all the books I have read and reviewed. I also thought this would be an easy way to learn how to do proper reviews and blogs

#1 Heartsong: Sisterhood of Shepherds by Nicola Furlong (Thank you GoodReads Giveaway)
This is one of the first books I had won in the GoodReads giveaways. In the first chapter of this book there is excitement with a big storm, one of the things that helps this family come together more as a family. This books shows how unconditional a family can be when other members need help with things that are going on in there life. It was nice to see a single mom of two children one boy and one girl can hold it together to show her children anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This was a great read and I would recommend it to my friends and family. #2 The Sheep Walker's Daughter by Sydney Avey(Thank you GoodReads Giveaway)
The Sheep Walker's Daughter by Sydney Avey was a hard book for me to get into, I think it was because I was distracted while reading this book. It maybe one that I may need to read again in the future because once I started to concentrate more while reading the better the book seem to have gotten. I could not imagine finding out that my family had such secrets within the family from other family members. Could you handle finding out you had a twin sister who left with there father, and you never knew they existed? I love how in this book the mother and daughter become closer when they start to talk about things that have happened in the past and are going to happen in there future. I am sorry that in this book some relationships were not able to open up and were lost forever. But all in all this was a great read and I would recommend this book to family and friends. #3 Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island #1) By Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts has outdone herself in The Three Sisters Island Trilogy. Who doesn't like a good clean witch series once in a while? I love how Nell Broke loose from her abusive life to make a better life for herself. Who knew that she was a witch in the making, all she needed to do was get to The Sisters Island and find her new friends Ripley and Mia to teach her how to be the best she can be at the things she was supposed to be doing. One one hand Mia, Ripley and Zack are the best things that happen to Nell, and Nell is the best thing that has happened to and for Zack, Mia and Ripley in return #4 Heaven and Earth (Three Sisters Island #2) by Nora Roberts
This is Book 2 to the Three Sisters Island trilogy and I am glad I was able to find it after searching for it for a week in second hand stores, finally my daughter starts to volunteer at the library and bring me home the hole set of The Three Sisters Island trilogy. I was surprised to see in this book to have a new twist to it when Mac came to the Island. Ripley has joined her sisters Mia and Nell with there rituals to keep the Island safe. This book is mostly about Ripley and how hew role plays on the Three Sisters Island and how she seems to find out a few things about herself that shocked herself and me as the reader. She was ignoring the fact of who she was and what she had to do to keep the Island safe with her sisters. #5 Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island #3) By Nora Roberts
This is the third and final book to The Three Sisters Island trilogy, I have not finished it yet, though very close I have a few more chapters to go. As I am finishing up with Face The Fire I am also thinking of which one of my other books I should start next, I have a few to choose from that I have won on the Goodreads giveaways. Here are 2 books I am choosing from for my next read, which would you choose if you had a choice to pick one to read? #1. c3 by Sherrie Cronin
Teddie likes her country music and her old pick-up truck and she's not sure how she let her best friend talk her into spending a semester abroad in Darjeeling India. Once she arrives, her innocence quickly collides with an underworld in which young women are bartered and sold. As she fights to understand a depravity that she never dreamed existed, Teddie finds that her own mind develops a unique ability for locating her friends and that an ancient group is willing to train her to use her innate skills for out-of-body experiences to save others. It will require trust in ideas she barely believes, and more courage than has ever been expected of her. When it becomes clear that the alternative may be her friends' deaths and the unchecked growth of an evil crime lord's empire, Teddie accepts the challenge and shows those guilty of unspeakable crimes just how powerful a young woman can be. OR #2. One Chance, One Moment (The Mandy Story, #1) by Judith Kohnen
An inspiration of Barry Manilow's 70s hit song MANDY and in commemoration of its 40th anniversary, Judith Kohnen presents her fictional account of the story behind the song... Renowned singer/musician Garry Danzlo has decided to live a life of seclusion after a debilitating accident destroys his musical career. Guilt-ridden and stubborn, he wants no part of the holistic nurse his sister has hired to rehabilitate him. He’s determined to get rid of her; she’s determined to stay. Spunky, fun-loving Amanda Fields, widowed after a loveless marriage, is on a mission for love. More than anything in the world, she wants to adopt an eight-year-old, wheelchair-bound boy named Robbie. When her chance arrives that will provide her with sufficient funds for the adoption, there’s nothing to stop her from accomplishing the temporary job in Colorado. But what she has to contend with is far more than just a difficult patient. Unexpected obstacles are suddenly out of her control. The least of her worries is falling for yet another man who doesn’t love her back. "One Chance, One Moment" is a humorous, surprising and deeply emotional story of love found by two special people – love built on chances one must sometimes take, but sometimes give as well. Each moment becomes nourished by the faith of one woman, and eventually, by the dream of one man. Intriguing, fun, hope-filled, and bubbling with love, adventure and suspense, the novel explores: • How our choices can be guided by intuition • How love goes far deeper than skin • The various facets of the heart and how we observe them in life • The importance of forgiveness to find true peace within • How spirituality and intuitive development can shape our relationships • How we are sometimes faced with “one chance, one moment” opportunities in life. NOTE: When purchasing One Chance, One Moment, 20% of proceeds will be donated to charity - THE MANILOW MUSIC PROJECT - a program that tends to the needs of public schools and their severely depleted music programs. I thought maybe I will try to put Nora Roberts back up on the self for a while and read some new books by authors I have never read before. I love how I am getting to read all sorts of books by people I have never heard of before. So far the few I have read that I have won have been really good reads. I would recommend all of them so far to my friends and family.. Let me know what books you have read and dont forget to let me know which book you would read first out of "One Chance, One Moment" and "c3"

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